Choosing The Best Masonry Contractor In Racine

If property owners are looking for a professional masonry contractor in Racine, they’ve come to the right place. We have experience with chimney repair, stone and brick veneer work, concrete block walls, and a range of other services. Whether people are looking to repair a problem or construct something new, our team has the tools and knowledge to complete the project.

We offer a range of services. If you have a crack in the foundation of your home, you’ll need assistance immediately. Foundation cracks can weaken the building itself and may lead to flooding problems, especially after heavy rains. We’ll assess the severity of the problem so that the weakness is repaired in a way that is up to code.

Some owners may wish to upgrade portions of their property. Adding a concrete or stone driveway to replace a gravel one can beautify the landscape and be much easier on your vehicle. We can install the concrete driveway for you no matter the length or the geography of the surrounding landscape.

As a well-reviewed brick repair contractor Kenosha residents can also rely on us for exterior wall repair. Bricks can fall into disrepair over the months and years and may need to be rehabilitated so that the wall structure stays in good shape. Brick repair is one of our specialties.

Masonry installation might also involve building and repairing fireplaces. Fireplaces add quite a bit to a home and can be quite useful during the winter when the temperatures drop during the winter. The best fireplaces rely on the masonry foundation to be constructed exactly to code so that the structure lasts many years.

If you are ultimately looking for a contractor who specializes in stone and brick, give us a call. We can help you develop a plan and get the project going in a short time-frame. You’ll be happy with the results going forward.