Interior Drain Tile System

Why an Interior Drain Tile System?

Common basement problems can be solved with an Interior Drain Tile System.

Invest in an Interior Drain Tile System

Our service area includes Racine, Kenosha, Burlington and Waterford, WI. If you notice water around your basement walls or corners, you could deal with mold and water issues in your basement. Invest in your home and invest in an interior drain tile system.

Chris Tarwid Contracting, Inc. installs high-quality, long-lasting systems for homeowners in Mount Pleasant, Kenosha & Racine, WI and surounding areas.

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Take a closer look at our Interior Drain Tile System installation

The process for an interior drain tile system installation:

  • Break up the concrete floor along foundation wall using a jack hammer

  • Expose existing drain tile system and replace

  • Drill weep holes into concrete block releasing water into the drainage system

  • Install flashing along the system and the basement foundation wall

  • Pour new concrete over the installation site

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