Bowed Walls

Would Your Home Pass an Inspection Right Now?

Not with those bowing walls – Schedule bowed wall repair in Mount Pleasant, Pleasant Prairie, Kenosha or Racine, WI.

Bowed Walls

Basement damage isn’t always obvious. In fact, you might not even know there’s an issue until you get a home inspection. By then it could be a much more expensive problem. If you notice signs of bowing walls-walls that bend inward slightly-schedule repair services ASAP.

Chris Tarwid Contracting, Inc. can take care of it. We have decades of foundation repair experience, and we’ll complete your bowed wall repair easily. Call 262-206-7993 now to make an appointment.

We’ll take a close look at your walls to find the source of the problem. Set up a date today for bowed wall repair service in Pleasant Prairie, Mount Pleasant, Kenosha or Racine, WI.

Bowed walls are a clear sign of hidden damage

You’ve noticed that your basement walls are bowing-now what? Let an expert at Chris Tarwid Contracting, Inc. handle the repair. We’ll meet with you to inspect your basement and explain the situation to you.

Bowed walls can occur for a variety of reasons:

  • Your home could have been built improperly

  • Your brick walls could bend under the weight of outside dirt

  • Water could freeze on the ground and put pressure on the walls as it expands

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