Improve The Safety And Value Of Your Property With The Bowed Wall Repair Racine WI Trusts

If your basement walls are bowing outwards, you’re not alone. Too much moisture, shifting foundations, and poor drainage are all common causes of this issue. At Chris Tarwid Contracting, we help property owners protect and restore the safety and value of their investments. Read on to discover how the bowed wall repair Racine WI locals trust can help you.

We start our work by first identifying and addressing the cause of bowing. As a trusted concrete contractor, we know that this is the only way to provide effective and long-lasting solutions. If your home has excess humidity or problems with flooding in low-lying areas, we may recommend a sump pump. When performing our research, we look for needs-specific solutions that work well for the individual environment.

Basement waterproofing and crawlspace encapsulation are common treatments for low-level moisture. Both strategies prevent bowed walls from recurring. After finding and implementing the right preventative strategy for your property, we’ll begin the process of mitigation. This could include bracing or rebuilding based upon the feasibility of each restoration type.

Repairing bowed walls provides a wealth of structural benefits. After all, if the lowest portion of your home is shifting and unstable, everything that sits above it will prove much the same. Moreover, given that bowing is a progressive issue in highly humid environments, addressing it as quickly as possible prevents it from spiraling out of control. With early interventions, you’ll have fewer problems with drywall cracks, joint separation, and bowing on upper floors to contend with.

We have extensive experience in bowed wall repairs. We’ve worked with minor bowing and with extreme and more complex problems. We take a comprehensive approach to ensure lasting results and optimum levels of wall integrity. To find out about our past projects, request a quote, or learn more about our complete range of capabilities, get in touch with Chris Tarwid Contracting now!