Structural Damage

Don’t Risk Serious Structural Damage to Your Home

Hire the local foundation repair experts in Pleasant Prairie, Mount Pleasant, Kenosha or Racine, WI today.

Offering Foundation Repair Services

When you walk into your basement, do you see uneven floors, cracks in the ceiling or bowing walls? These are signs of structural damage. Turn to Chris Tarwid Contracting, Inc.. We offer foundation repair services in the Pleasant Prairie, Mount Pleasant, Kenosha & Racine, WI areas.

We’ll inspect your foundation thoroughly to diagnose the issue and then repair it right away. We also handle foundation rebuilding if the damage is too severe. Reach out to us now for more information.

Save yourself future headaches by getting the repairs you need now

Repairing your foundation as soon as you notice an issue doesn’t just make your home safer-it will also save you money in the long run. Structural damage will only get worse, so catching the problem early can prevent more costly repairs.

To learn more about our foundation repair services, call 262-206-7993. Tell us more about the damage, and we’ll walk you through your options. When we’re finished, your home will be safer for you and your family.

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